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Elizabeth, Peter and Me
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Elizabeth, Peter and Me

Subtitle The Story of a Gems Heist, Grave Robbing and Bingo!
By Mark Baxter
Published by Mono Media Books
ISBN 978-0955557316
Category Crime/humour
Summer 2016


Vinny Hawkins (71), old criminal, now living in sheltered housing, goes back to revisit a scene of an old unfinished crime. Involving diamonds once belonging to Elizabeth Taylor Will his knees take the strain...?. 

Author's Biography

Mark Baxter is the author of 8 books, one which went on to become a feature film. He has just released his first documentary on UK jazz star Tubby Hayes. Fond of red wine, Millwall and Jazz


Funny, moving, lyrical account beautifully written in the argot of south east London. I can't recommend it highly enough 
Matthew Norman - The London Evening Standard 
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

A great read,would like to see it as a movie.
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