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Under This Unbroken Sky
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Under This Unbroken Sky

By Shandi Mitchell
ISBN 9780297856580
Category Historical
September 2009


In 1938, Theo Mykolayenko returns to his family after a year in prison for the crime of trying to feed them. With unremitting resolve, he takes to the land, and as the crops grow, his family heals and strengthens. But the return of his sister's husband with an unforgivable plan threatens to take away everything they have built.

Author's Biography

Shandi Mitchell spent her childhood on a military base in the Prairies but now makes her home on the East Coast of Canada. Her award-winning films have been featured at festivals across North America, and Under This Unbroken Sky is her first novel.


‘The starkly gorgeous prairie comes alive…An unforgettable literary tribute to an immigrant people and their struggle’ Booklist, starred review

 â€˜Mitchell’s prose strikes like a prairie thunderstorm, every page building to an intensity that’s simply awing to behold. Brilliant and honest and brutal’ —Joseph Boyden, author of Three Day Road and Through Black Spruce

‘A magnificent novel … a powerhouse of a debut that grips from start to finish’ Steven Galloway, author of The Cellist of Sarajevo

‘The tragedy Shandi Mitchell explores in her new novel is as unforgettable as the truth and stark beauty of its telling…[an] extraordinary rendering of human suffering’ Janice Kulyk Keefer, author of The Ladies’ Lending Library

‘Utterly gripping... Beautifully pitched and unsentimental in execution. Brilliant’ Marie Claire

 â€˜A beautiful story about two families who have nothing, yet manage to strip each other of everything’ Easy Living

£12.99  Hardback

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