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Abigale Hall
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Abigale Hall

By Lauren A. Forry
ISBN 9781785300097
Category Gothic thriller
Summer 2016


Set in the late 1940s, two orphan sisters are sent from their home in London to a remote part of Wales to work at a crumbling estate run by the vicious and cold-hearted Mrs Pollard. The house begins to take its toll on Rebecca, who slowly descends into her own twisted world of madness.

Author's Biography

 LAUREN A. FORRY was brought up in the USA, with her FBI agent father and book-loving mother. She spent a summer working as Zooey Deschanel’s personal assistant whilst they filmed M. Night Shyamalan’s horror film The Happening and has worked on the film sets of Limitless and The Last Airbender.


'[Forry's] obviously well versed in nightmares...This debut novel of the Faber & Faber Creative Writing MA prize winner, touted as Daphne Du Maurier meets Hitchcock, is one to watch.' THE SKINNY ('On Our Radar') 

'This is a SERIOUSLY good read...there is a deliciously gothic feel to the entire novel. With an air of the creepy ghost story about it, Abigale Hall has a sense of intrigue and mystery running throughout which meant I kept turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed...Lauren Forry has created a brilliant debut novel, one that creeped me out, kept me hooked and will have me recommending Abigail Hall to everyone.' READING WITH A VIEW 

'A deliciously creepy tale with a strong sense of menace.' CRIME PIECES 

‘The story is not a complicated one, it is quite filmic in its imagery and may appeal to fans of Dracula, The Shining, Gothic fiction or those who enjoy a classic style spooky tale.’ NORDIC NOIR 

‘Abigale Hall hooks you in…Death hangs on the edge of the pages.’ (4 stars) HEATHER WRITES 

'The mansion is something of a gothic horror in its own right, and there’s even a sinister housekeeper something along the lines of the terrifying Mrs Danvers from… what was that book… Ah yes, Rebecca!' CRIME FICTION LOVER 

‘A beautifully written novel full of rumours, intrigue, love and loss.’ THE WELSH LIBRARIAN 

‘Forry ratches up the tension expertly, until we don't know if it's madness, ghosts, someone toying with Eliza, or her own imagination that makes the mansion such a place of fear. Whatever it is, it works - keep the lights on when reading!’ CRIME WORM 
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Reader Comments

Loved this book! Especially the relationship between the sisters A must read this summer!
A fantastic book that sent chills down my spine as I read it!
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