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Mr Moon Wakes Up
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Mr Moon Wakes Up

By Jemima Sharpe
ISBN 9781846436932
Summer 2016


Mr Moon always sleeps. He naps during hide-and-seek, passes out on puzzles and dozes during adventure stories. But what would happen if Mr Moon ever woke up? Would he lead us to hidden, dream-like worlds, filled with fantastic friends and exciting games?

Author's Biography

Jemima Sharpe was born in Cambridge. She grew up in a household with three cats who occasionally joined her for tea parties, and mostly slept through them. 
Jemima rekindled her love of drawing on the Children’s Book Illustration MA course at Cambridge School of Art. 


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Outstanding on all counts.
This is a warm and magical story in which a child is taken by his pet on a nighttime adventure in a beautiful moonlit garden. The exquisitely detailed illustrations in a soothing green palette create a magical setting for this beautifully-imagined book.
She should win. Best book by far
My 3 year old granddaughter absolutely loves this book and the illustrations allow the reader (the grandmother!) to expand on the storyline by wandering into the details in the illustration (how many peacocks can you see? why do you suppose the moon is trailing his tail in the water? etc) Wonderful gentle book for this age group!
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