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By David J Robertson
ISBN 9781785891441
Category 7-9 years, 11 illustrations
Summer 2016


Join Misty and her three doggy friends on what was meant to be a relaxed day of exploring. But with trouble never too far away from the four canines, it’s not long before they find themselves accidentally adrift on a canal boat with the boat’s reluctant puppy, Ashley! 

Author's Biography

David J Robertson hails from the Black Country in the heart of England. He is a former engineer, with a love of writing.


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

The illustrations march along with the bouncy text. Great reading for kids.
Very Good
Lovely book.
Absolutely great book
Brilliant kids book and the characters of the dogs are just great.
Charming children's book
Superb story, my daughter loved it. Thanks
The start of a great adventure series that's funny for both kids and adults alike!
This book was lovely to read,my grandchildren enjoyed it and the pictures that helped with the story.
Brilliant book!
Great story, characters and illustrations, good read with children. Cant wait until the sequel.
Children enjoyed story and illustrations brilliant.
Can't wait for the sequel!
Read over and over again .
Fantastic read with the kids... great fun and brilliant pictures.. love misty xx
Wonderful illustrations and great writing! A People pleaser for sure!
Great story with lovable characters and excellent illustrations :-)
Great read for children and adults alike!
A very enjoyable tale.
I love dogs. x x
Delightful story, beautifully illustrated, perfect children's book.
A wonderful fresh approach with this childrens' book and fantastic illustrations
Lovely illustrations
A great children's book with lovely illustrations. Kids loved it.
Enjoyable read and lovely illustrations.
Brilliant book. Loved reading it. Talented author.
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