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Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter
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Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter

By Mathew Sullivan
ISBN 978-0-9932000-7-6
Category 9 - 13 years 22 illustrations
Summer 2016


Melvin isn't having the best of birthdays. 
His town has been invaded by an army of brain-scoffing Zombies, his dad has disappeared under a pile of said zombies, and it’s down to Melvin and his best friend Chloe to save mankind. 
Are they up to the task? 

Author's Biography

Mathew Sullivan is a Year six teacher and literacy coordinator in a school in Stockport. 
He is author of Developing Writing Through Comics Age 7 +, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Non Fiction and A Second Book of Exciting Sentences. 
Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter is his first novel.


5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon) A truly fantastic book from a very talented writer that will appeal ... 
By Mr Bryn Goodman on 29 Dec. 2015  "A truly fantastic book from a very talented writer that will appeal to children of all ages (and adults). The story moves forward at a cracking pace. There is humour which is neatly interwoven with the engaging plot. My class thoroughly enjoyed it, they were begging me to read more each day! I would highly recommend this book to all zombie fans, young and old. A great book!
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

This book is great.I remember Mr Sullivan writting it 3 years ago when I was in his class.
A great teacher 🙌🏻🙌🏻
What a fab book!
Brilliant teacher, writer and educational coach
Good luck Melvin! You can do it!
Great book!
Kids will love it.
Vote for Melvin McGee
Absolutely superb! Best children's book I've read. Seriously.
very educative and interesting
Loved this book and so did my daughter.
This book is awesome just like Mr Sullivan's teaching.
Brilliant book
Fantastic read, my class love it!
A fab read
Brilliantly written. Engaging and full of clever writing techniques and vocabulary to excite children and adults and also give an example of great writing whilst the reader is enjoying the storyline and characters. As both an adviser and a parent I think it's fantastic.
An amazing book which captures children's and adults imaginations. You've go to love Matt's character Melvin!
good book
This book is excellent, just like Mr Sullivan's Teaching. Well done Sir.
an exciting and original plot line- very well written!
A hilarious and engaging read.
A great book
As editor of the international Zombie Research Society, I was excited to review Mathew Sullivan's take on the zombie apocalypse, in the form of the wonderful children's novel "MELVIN McGEE: ZOMBIE HUNTER." I absolutely loved Melvin McGee, and your kids will too (the book is classing in at ages 8+). I guess I must be just one big kid! It’s heartwarming, exciting, tragic, and funny (I loved how the grabbles (zombies) were constantly losing body parts). There are even the occasional statements on society (told in an understated way that children would understand), like zombie-kids mindlessly flipping through their dead cellphones. Your kids might not know these societal references, by they might recognize the zombie-like behavior in many of their friends (and perhaps even in themselves). A fun read and highly recommended!
Fantastic book has you gripped from start to finish, young and old alike. The illustrations are great as well.
A fabulous, exciting read from a very talented young author.
A highly creative, engaging read - would be a deserving winner!
This is now our daughter's favourite book.
Introduced this book to my class - they loved it
I read it to our young children each night at bedtime - they cant wait to go to bed for the next instalment. As an adult I really enjoyed this book - it's would be a deserving winner.
My friends and I love this book
Great book, our children really enjoyed reading it.
A well written, very entertaining book. Highly recommended.
A great adventure written by a very talented author.
Superb story, perfectly written by a truly talent man and dedicated teacher.
Great book, thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.
I'm not surprised Mat has been nominated. Well done x
Great read from start to finish, both me and my daughter loved it
An amazing book written by an amazing author
My Year 6 pupils really enjoyed reading this book as our class reader. A really funny, fast paced and clever story that always had them asking for more. I was always greeted with a groan when it was time to put it away. Also, you can tell the author is a teacher because we even used extracts from it in our grammar work. It has been their favourite book so far this year!
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