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Subtitle :::::::::: Winner Sept 09 :::::::::::
By Roger Robinson
ISBN 978-1905233212
Category Poetry
September 2009


"Suckle", Roger Robinson's much-anticipated follow up to "Suitcase", proves once and for all that Roger's unique territory is memory and its capital is Trinidad - somewhere within its borders are the answers to everything, if you just look hard enough. His approach, self-deprecating yet erudite, creates intoxicating poetry flavoured with the attitude and lingo of his Trinidadian homeland.

Author's Biography

Roger Robinson is a writer, skilled performer and lecturer on poetry and performance. Listed by Decibel as one of fifty writers who have influenced the black-British writing canon over the past five decades, he has toured with the British Council in Vietnam, the Philippines, Argentina, India and the Czech Republic and his workshops have been shortlisted for the Gulbenkian Prize for Museums and Galleries.


£5.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Roger is a superb writer, insightful and inspiring.
awesome and inspiring.
Don't miss Roger Robinson's poetry... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be moved by his sensibility and depth. It does not matter if you've never been to Trinidad... in one way or other, his home may have been yours; his street, the one you regarded as your entire universe; his simplicity when expressing the nuances of relationships and situations, the one you've always wished you had when writing. Those of us who heard him read some of his poems in Argentina were transported to our own childhoods, making the experience of allowing his poetry to take over truly unforgettable... Thumbs up to you, Roger Robinson!
Great story teller, great read
amazing book!!
Amazing youve got to read this and all his books are like that I've been reading this guy for years. I'm amazed he's not more famous
Roger is such an excellent writer - you should check out his other poetry book called Suitcase. Really great work!
Roger is amazing and needs to be supported!
Roger Robinson is one of the best writers in the UK. When are the public going to take him up?
Read this, its great : )
A fine book. A journey through mind like a red butterfly fluttering in the rib cage. Travel within.
this guy is just a fantastic poet - simple as that
loved it!!
This book is an amazing insight to an incredibly poetic mind. It is beautiful and emotional without being overly sentimental. I would highly recommend it - especially to people who are normally not avid readers of poetry. It has an accessibility that is pertinent to all readers at all levels.
Good read
This book was great, emotive, and such strong narrative poems. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Don't just read this book, read his other book, Suitcase, as well... Brilliant!
wonderful inspired work
A winning, quality read.
The poem about the working lady imported to Trinidad who found the work 'too hard' is a must read!
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