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From Yellow Star to Pop Star
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From Yellow Star to Pop Star

Subtitle How one young girl survived the Holocaust and became a singing sensation
By Dorit Oliver-Wolff
Published by Red Door Publishing
ISBN 978-1910435094
Category Autobiography/memoir
Summer 2016


When Dorit was just four years old she sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia. By six, she was in hiding from the German soldiers who were rounding up and transporting her fellow Jews to concentration camps around Europe. 
Singing helps her survive those dark days. 

Author's Biography

Dorit is an accomplished public speaker, dedicated to educating others about the consequences of the Holocaust. She has appeared on numerous interviews on local and national TV and radio stations and was featured in a documentary for BBC Oneʼs Inside Out programme to mark the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust.


Dorit’s story is one of the most inspirational I have ever heard. The incredible twists and turns of her life are utterly compelling and will stay with you long after you finish the book’   – Nathalie Graham, Presenter, BBC South East 

'A wonderful, inspiring story by a wonderful, inspiring' woman!’  – Richard Masefield, Author
Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

A gripping and courageous book. Thank you Dorit for sharing your life with us. We are all the richer for having read your book.
Excellent read
An amazing book by an amazing lady. I would love to feel that we had the courage to deal with an awful situation as she did, with music and humour!
Best of luck with this amazing story.
This lady is an inspiration with a very big story to tell....compelling reading
Good luck!
Great book! I highly recommend it!
An amazing true story and a unique insight to being a Jewish girl in the halocaust. What a turn around she made.
A moving story by an extraordinary and talented woman, well done Dorit!
Dorit's story really touched me as I found her accounts of being a Jewish child in WWII a complete roller coaster of emotions, she is a wonderful kind warm hearted person which deserves all the best that this life can bring.
Amazing true life story of a very brave little girl.
Unbelievable and yet fully believable. An awesome personal story.
A heart-warming and truly inspiring story of a brave woman that should teach the world about the horror of war and that discrimination, bigotry and racism should be eliminated. This true story shows the strength, ability and determination of the human race to survive the most awful of situations. Well worth reading.
interesting book
This is a very moving book written by a highly charismatic survivor.
After Dorit doing a public speaking session at my school about her book I was so touched and inspired by her story that I got her book. It was so incredibly moving and so touching, yet so brilliant and inspirational. I choreograph my senior school's entry for a UK dance competition and I decided I wanted to base it on Dorit's life, on stories that are in her book. We not only won 1st place and got through to the final, we won a special award for 'Concept' which was the story of the piece. We also came third in the final! After Dorit being kind enough to come and support us by watching the competition she came to see us before the show to talk and inspire the children before they went on stage. She is such a gracious lady with a brilliant sense of humour and we loved meeting her. Her book moved the whole of the cast and the local community and she truly is a local celebrity! I cant think of anyone more deserving of this award than Dorit and her incredible book "from Yellow star to Pop star." A truly brilliant read, which inspires you and moves you. It makes you go on an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, one that you do not wish to get off. Incredible book written by and incredible lady!
I liked it a lot! I cried - but that is me.... I think you will love it too!
An exceptional autobiographic of a beautiful International Star. Her ongoing challenges to survive the antisemitism which Dorit and her mother Magda faced frequently. I was impressed with the quick creativity by Dorit and Magda. You are in constant suspense. I highly recommend this wonderful book. She is truly a STAR !!!!
Amazing biography about surviving the Holocaust.
A very moving book and an inspirational lady. Highly recommended.
Brilliant book by a fabulous lady!
Dorit's story is most moving. What a life,what a great lady! Full of optimism with life's considerable difficulties A book which is truly a page turner Highly recommended!.
A wonderful autobiographical account of this amazing lady's childhood experiences of the Holocaust and her rise to stardom after the war. Her courage, positivity and enthusiasm for life shine through, making this an inspiring read, despite the horrors of the war she experienced as a little Jewish girl. It is a story of survival against the odds and of this beautiful lady's passion for singing and performing, which helped her through very difficult times. I loved this book.
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