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The State of Freedom and Justice
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The State of Freedom and Justice

Subtitle Government as if people matter most
By Michael Horsman
ISBN 9780856835100
Category self-help/how-to
Summer 2016


We all want to enjoy freedom and justice, yet few have given thought to how this could be achieved. An original thinker seeking an answer, the author has read widely over 35 years, granting him some surprising insights, rising above the current obsession of classifying every idea as left/right wing.

Author's Biography

Michael Horsman lives in rural County Wicklow, and knows from farming and running his own business how free enterprise and government can collide. Family circumstances led him to consider the relationship between the individual and the state. The project turned into an odyssey of discovery lasting 35 years.


Price £12.95

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Reader Comments

Thank you Mr. Horsman. At this difficult time when Brexit is upon us,we need to take a fresh look at what we take for granted!
This book could not be more timely. It demonstrates that freedom and justice are not incompatible constructs.
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