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Library Cat
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Library Cat

Subtitle The Observations of a Thinking Cat
By Alex Howard
ISBN 9781785300165
Category Gift/Humour
Summer 2016


This is a story about Library Cat’s thoughts and his own search for completeness in this fractured world. ‘Library Cat: The Observations of a Thinking Cat’ is a funny, witty and irreverent look at the world, seen through the unusually observant eyes of Edinburgh University Library’s resident cat.

Author's Biography

Alex Howard is 27 and lives in Edinburgh. He has had poetry published widely in journals such as The London Magazine and Gutter. He is the winner of the Red Cross International Writing Prize, a quarter-finalist in the Scottish Slam Championships 2012, and has performed his work at EIBF. In addition, he has had comedy writing shortlisted by the BBC and worked variously as a television researcher, ghost tour guide, and tutor. He is currently pursuing an AHRC funded PhD at Edinburgh University.


[Caption Reads]: ‘Cat calls. Jordan, a regular visitor to the University of Edinburgh’s library, has his own ID card and even a Facebook page.  – The Times 

‘[Library Cat’s] updates are often so beautifully written that we think he could be the world’s first feline author.’   – Whatuni 

‘Scottish tabby is set to claw his way to the top of the publishing world’   – The Sun 

Edinburgh University’s famous Library Cat will soon be rubbing shoulders with The Gruffalo’   – Edinburgh Evening News 

cult hero library moggie’   – Daily Mirror 

‘It's about time… Everyone’s favourite feline Library Cat is getting his own book.’ 
– The Tab 

‘Breaking News: Library Cat has won the Man Booker 2015’ 
– Edinburgh University Student 

If I’m paying £17,000 a year, I demand more Library Cat fan fiction’ 
– Edinburgh University International Student 

‘This is my favourite page on Facebook. Sending love to Library Cat from Australia  
– Facebook User 
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

This would be a wonderful winner - the most hilarious and thoughtful cat (with great taste) that you will ever meet!
Truly original and most enjoyable.
A wonderfully funny collection of short stories decribing the observations, thoughts and intelligence of this beautiful edinburgh library cat. The stories are about everyday things but they are far from mundane. Each us a little gem if wisdom and wit. My partner and I took turns reading the stories to each other and trued to make it last as long as possible. Sadly we did get to the end of the book. I hope the author does write some more or maybe adapts the idea for a children's book or an animation as I feel there is a lot of potential to take forward.
A great book and richly deserves to win the comp. Next book could be Parliament Cat. Parliamentary privilege would allow Jordan to discuss any documents he found hidden under the carpet.
Sounds like an interesting read.
Affectionate and witty account of the mysterious comings and goings of beloved Library Cat.
It's great and cats shall rule the world one day (tomorrow?)
Great book bout a great cat
Good book, good writing, good fun!
Can't wait for more!
Genre defining work.
Wonderful book. Good luck x
A well deserved vote
Great work on this book - a wonderful story, and a well deserved author!
Congrats on the nomination, great achievement. Hope you make it through to the finals with your lovely Library Cat!
As an Edinburgh Alumni, I knew Library Cat well and often stopped to fuss over him on my way to write my dissertation in the library cafe. It's fun to imagine what he might have been thinking!
A wonderful story by a talented author.
Wonderful achievement to be nominated... let's vote for this book to go all the way!
Great little story - every library should have a cat!
Excellent job and good luck in this award comp!
Best of luck xx
Amazing achievement, wishing you the best!
Congratulations! Great story a deserved winner
Good luck this is a great little story
Well done!
Nice work - big congrats - enjoy the limelight!!
Library cats are my hero! Fantastic
Good luck in your category! :)
Congrats and good luck
Howard changes anything preconceptions you held about your local Library Cat with this witty, character spilling novel!
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