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Lifeform Three
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Lifeform Three

By Roz Morris
Published by Fabled Lands LLP
ISBN 9781909905948
Category Science fiction
Summer 2016


Paftoo is a ‘bod’; made to serve. He is a groundsman on the last remaining countryside estate, now a theme park. Paftoo holds scattered memories of the old days, but they are deleted to keep him productive. When he starts to dream of the past, Paftoo is propelled into a battle to reclaim his soul.

Author's Biography

Roz Morris published nearly a dozen novels and achieved sales of more than 4 million copies - and nobody saw her name because she was a ghostwriter. She is now proudly publishing as herself. She teaches advanced writing masterclasses for The Guardian. 


‘Reminded me of Doris Lessing–though at the risk of committing a sacrilege, Morris is much more readable.’ – Jon P Bloch, Kindle Book Review 

'As a bookseller I have to read 100s of books. Rarely do I read books more than once for pleasure - this book is one of them - it really is that good.' Peter Snell, proprietor, Barton’s Bookshop, Leatherhead, Surrey
Price £7.46

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Reader Comments

I Love this book.
Very original
Roz is a fantastic writer
A scarily feasible tale of dark times ahead - what are we without memory?
I am tempted to compare Roz Morris's style to Margaret Atwood's. But I'm not sure that will do it justice. Though this book has a similar "feel" to Atwood's science fiction novels, because of its literary nature, the comparison is still weak, because Morris is a writer in a class of her own.
I really did enjoy this book. Readable and also highly imaginative - a rare mix. It definitely gets my vote.
One of the best books I've read in a long time.
A great book!
A Captivating and haunting dark mirror. The story cleverly brings you into a bleak future that is equally recognisable, feasible and disturbing.
Great fun book
Excellent, excellent book!
Haunting and wonderful - you may find the characters visiting your dreams.
Roz Morris is a skilful writer who's adept at bringing her characters to life. Her prose is finely wrought and her stories thought-provoking. This has 'winner' written all over it.
Love Roz Morris and she's so inspirational...big fan.
Dreamlike and hypnotic, this book draws you into another world.
A fantastic story, very well told. Highly recommended!
An all time favorite book
Very good book. Have read it more than once.
Brilliant novel. Highly readable. Really deserves to win.
Combines a clever, thought-provoking concept with excellent characters and pacing. One of the best books I've read in the last five years.
This future tale of robots breaking their conditioning slips between the two genres of Literary Fiction and Science Fiction. I ignore genre. I like a good and well written story with engaging characters and that little extra something that makes you think around the edges. This book certainly has that.
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