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The Upside Down Mountain
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The Upside Down Mountain

By Mags MacKean
ISBN 978-1-78535-171-6
Category mind/body
Summer 2016


After quitting her BBC career, Mags climbed some of the world’s highest peaks to follow her mountaineering dream. Trailed by restlessness, she woke up to the inner mountain – deciding to explore downwards, rather than upwards, for fulfilment. Her stories are set in wild places, including the Amazon, Egypt and Tibet. 

Author's Biography

Author and former BBC journalist Mags MacKean is an inspirational speaker, creativity coach and guides life-changing journeys, including to Peru's ancient heartland. She has immersed with shamans in the Amazon, Andes and South Africa – and applies her varied experiences to her storytelling and transformational workshops.


"If Kerouac's On The Road liberated the Beat Generation to go seeking the American Dream, TUDM is a sat-nav for those of the road less travelled." 
Carol Ann Rice, Daily Express 

A new story for our time.” Satish Kumar, Editor-in-chief, Resurgence Magazine 

“Mags MacKean is one of those rare lion-hearted individuals whose particular brand of fearlessness is achieved by love and reverence for Creation.” 
Linda Tucker, founder, The Global White Lion Protection Trust 

"Loved this wonderful work of discovery, exploration and awakening. It will move you. Patricia Cori, best selling author 

"Join Mags MacKean for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you seeing your own amazing life in a whole new light." Tim Freke, philosopher and author, The Mystery Experience 

“Mags MacKean drew me alongside with her powerful and compelling journey…This is a book about coming home. The yearning soul-cry of a woman who chooses to plunge the depths of this wondrous life, and find her way. I walk alongside.” Mac Macartney, Embercombe founder, author, speaker 
Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

An amazing book and woman, proving facing your fears helps you find your true self. inspirational
Love Mags and everything she writes and teaches!
Very inspiring read.
Mags is an amazing story teller and an even better human being!
A fascinating book - and a timely reminder to us to stop chasing and start living.
A truly awesome read
Mags takes us on an extraordinary journey around the world and into the collective psyche. She is invigorating company and an inspired guide.
It is hard to comment on a story so rich in nuances, surprises and depth of experience. The writing is at times lyrical and it is beautifully read by the author herself. It was a delight to listen to. I am not one for 5-star reviews and yet there is some sort of perfection to this story about imperfection.
this book can open doors in your own life
I listened to this stunning story on Audible and closed my eyes and was 'there', wherever 'there' was for Mags. I was immediately compelled by the beautiful, eloquent, soothing and exciting storytelling. Mags Mackean's amazing journey to depths of her soul, through the heights of glaciers and womb of the jungle was not only captivating, but also awoke something deep inside me - where the way up was down and the 'outside' became 'in'. A beautiful book, written in non-linear time, honouring the heroine's journey and the Earth herself. Highly recommend it!
Both inspirational and entertaining, though-provoking and enlightening.
Courageously athentic as a writer, co-creator and a coach. I cannot recommend Mags Mckean's talents highly enough. This woman weaves magic. Enjoy all she offers up!
An inspiring book.
Wonderful book that touched my heart.
Mags is so wonderfully inspiring, we all need more of her positivity in our lives!
Thought provoking book, good luck.
Mags, you're a legend. Thank you so much for following your heart, walking towards that which you love, and inspiring so many. I am sure that the ripples will be reaching shores for many years, speaking to those parts yearning to be doing such similar missions.
Be Warned! Mags MacKean snuggles up with Haka faced Tarantulas and plays with White Lions. Sometimes you wonder if she can still be alive! But this travel adventure is a spiritual journey as well as a geographical one. Mags finds that she needs to journey inwards for purpose and creativity. If you can read between the lines you will find your own creativity, or rather that fullfillment only comes with actually using your creative self. I have been inspired to use mine by this book, and have started to express myself on Twitter! But it could be with a guitar, painting, pottery, sport, studying etc whatever you feel is for you. To my surprise releasing my creativity means I am happier and much more able to do other things-most amazinglyfor me doing the NHS Couch Potato to 5k challenge! Mags will back you up with her website, courses and also an ebook guide to fullfillment.
Highly recommended.
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