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Paths of Exile
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Paths of Exile

By Carla Nayland
Published by Quaestor2000
ISBN 978-1-906836-09-2
Category Historical
September 2009


When his homeland in 7th-century England is defeated by a predatory neighbour, Eadwine finds himself on the run. Homeless, penniless and with a price on his head, he must evade his enemies, avenge his brother's murder and rescue his betrothed.

Author's Biography

Carla Nayland considered doing a degree in history and archaeology, but decided it would be much more fun to explore it in fiction instead. A graduate of Cambridge, she has worked for many years in scientific writing and related areas.


“A strong new voice in the field of historical fiction.” Elizabeth Chadwick, award-winning author of The Greatest Knight and many others

“Filled with unforgettable characters and wonderful historical detail, … historical fiction at its most intriguing.” Michelle Moran, best-selling author of The Heretic Queen

“A triumphant debut that demands a sequel.” Russell Whitfield, critically acclaimed author of Gladiatrix

Price £9.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

A very enjoyable book, entirely absorbing - I am keen to read the sequel too. Great achievement, well written.
Best of luck, Carla! Great book!
Another great read by Carla Nayland. I thoroughly enjoyed this one as much as I did "Ingeld´s Daughter". The best thing about her books are that the places and time are so well researched. I am definately going to have to get both of these books for my mini-library room!
She has a fine eye for place and period. A strong piece of storytelling with well drawn characters. A good read. Nick McCarty
A very enjoyable and I think authentic story of Angle Northumbria.
This is a brilliant evocation of Anglo Saxon Britain with a voice reminiscent of Rosemary Sutcliffe but with its own unique timbres.
When's the sequel? Excellent.
An excellent read, enthralled throughout, I cannot wait for the sequel . . .
"Paths of Exile" brings an undeservedly obscure period of our history to unforgettable life with its vivid, believable characters so well grounded in their time, its exciting plot and authentic historical background. I hope the author gets the wide readership she merits.
A wonderful story which brings to vivid life a time long since passed into the shadows of history.
Enjoyable and well-researched look at people behaving well and badly in another time.
Carla Nayland is a gifted storyteller. Her novel PATHS OF EXILE will endure long after lesser works fade into obscurity. She deserves a place on the same shelf with Mary Renault and Colleen McCullough.
A vivid depiction of this troubled and complicated period, with strong characterization and good pace.
A witty and highly entertaining book which makes history accessible without compromises to honest representation.
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