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The Starlings and Other Stories
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The Starlings and Other Stories

By Murder Squad & Accomplices
Published by Graffeg
ISBN 9781909823747
Category Crime/Mystery, short stories
Summer 2016


Twelve pictures, twelve tales of crime and mystery. These short stories open up a world of intrigue, suspense and fear. With contributions from celebrated crime writers including Ann Cleeves, Cath Staincliffe and Martin Edwards, each tale was inspired by the atmospheric and evocative work of photographer David Wilson.

Author's Biography

Murder Squad are a collective of six crime writers. They are Ann Cleeves (author of the Vera books which inspired ITV’s Vera, starring Brenda Blethyn), Martin Edwards, Cath Staincliffe, Kate Ellis, Margaret Murphy and Chris Simms. Each member invited an accomplice to write a story for the collection.


Crime Squad 
Crime Book Club 
The Bookbag 
In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel 
Mrs Peabody Investigates 
Shots Magazine 
Kingdom Books 
Promoting Crime 
Wales Online 
Dead Good Books 
Liz Loves Books
Price £12.99

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