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Sitting Ducks
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Sitting Ducks

By Lisa Blower
Published by Fair Acre Press
Category Literary, working class literature
Summer 2016


Meagre in build. Mouthy in nature. One good owner and pottery trained: Josiah 'Totty" Minton is bang out of sick notes and harbouring the dream of a three-bed semi with bay windows, fully-fitted carpets and enough of a garden to stretch his legs...Set in 2010 Stoke-on-Trent.

Author's Biography

Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Lisa Blower won the Guardian Short Story Competition in 2009, was shortlisted for BBC Short Story Awards 2013, highly commended in 2015 Bridport Prize. Her short stories have appeared on Radio 4. Lecturer of Creative Writing, and 2016 Writer-in-residence at Shrewsbury Museum - this is her first novel


Niall Griffiths- technically accomplished, linguistically inventive, aesthetically beautiful, politically vital. 
Luke Wright - lines trip off the tongue like a John Cooper Clarke verse. 
Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

Good luck
Gritty, real and often proper laugh out loud.
Absolutely loved this book - can't wait for the sequel
Wonderful, funny, sad and sinewy novel about a family trying to hold on to their home and their dignity in Britain today.
Great characterisation. Lucid and convincing style. Empathic.
Simply the best book I've read this year.
Feisty, funny, three dimensional This is a page turner, completely real, yet playful I wouldn't have thought I would be engaged with the subject matter but it is such a good read I couldn't put it down (and we had visitors...)!!
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