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Cinema Lumière
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Cinema Lumière

By Hattie Holden Edmonds
Published by Red Door Publishing
ISBN 978-0992852085
Category commercial
Summer 2016


Hannah has resigned herself to a dead-end job and sealed her heart against love. One day she stumbles across a tiny cinema with one seat. As she watches the films of her life, she is forced to change her perspective and, ultimately, open her heart to love and happiness. 

Author's Biography

Hattie has had a variety of jobs including junior assistant on Separates in Clements department store, a Berlin recording studio, hat-maker and a waitress. Apart from writing, she teaches meditation at a palliative care unit in Ladbroke Grove, and runs a cinema from a fisherman's shack in Whitstable.


'A stunning debut. Made me laugh out loud, cry … and ache with recognition' The Huffington Post 

'A magical, thought-provoking and uplifting tale ... one of this year's must-reads' Daily Mirror 

'An extraordinary, funny, soul-warming book.' Sainsbury's Magazine
Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Love this magical book,more please!
Funny and truly enjoyable!
Just a totally original book (a rare thing) that has charm, intrigue and wit- and is beautifully written;the style and language a mirror to the topic.
funny and poignant. very enjoyable.
a great read. recognisable charcaterisations
What a lovely book! I took this on holiday with me and laughed out loud from my sun-lounger! Brilliant observations and quirky plot....I didn't leave the book behind because I wanted to lend it to my friends at home. Well done Hattie, I hope this is the first of many ....please give us some more.
Beautifully written, touching story. I will happily recommend.
Love this book! Poignant & funny.
A fabulous, witty and moving read!
I got the strangest looks on the I gaffawed and spluttered my way along the district line. Great fun with characters that stay with you.
I loved this book, a real page turner! Perfect holiday reading!
Brilliant story which takes place in my neighbourhood in West London, with well observed characters. Funny and emotionally charged at the same time
Hattie Holden Edmonds is a writer ahead of her time . There is fantastic humour in her stories which are full of acute observation and understanding of the human condition , Beautifully crafted and inspirational , we should all have one on our shelves.
Loved it!
Such a great read, laugh out loud and seamless tearjerking,brilliant!
Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny. Really enjoyed being with the characters.
Magical book. I loved it.
I loved Hattie Edmonds "Cinema Lumiere" and its positive message.
Nellie is a star!
A great debut, loved it
Enlightening! the twist at the end.
Loved it - v. redolent of my youth in London and I loved the magical symbolism
I loved the fact that this book was quietly full of philosophical ideas and phrases that made me stop and think.
Loved this book, it deserves to win.
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