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A Life Behind The Scenes - From Pinewood to Hollywood
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A Life Behind The Scenes - From Pinewood to Hollywood

By Paul Hitcock
Published by Bear Manor Media
ISBN 978-1593938956
Spring 2016


Memoir of 60+ years as a producer on huge Hollywood blockbusters as well as being head of production for both paramount and Warner Bros

Author's Biography

Starting in Pinewood's account department aged 14 Paul worked his way through the ranks to production controller and was then head-hunted by the US majors to oversee their entire European production programmes. In latter years he returned to producing, most notably on the first two Mission Impossible films. 


Price £16.99

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Reader Comments

A behind the scenes peek of what lurks behind the curtain in creating movie masterpieces.
This is a must read for all people interested in film. A fascinating story.
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