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The Man with the Overcoat
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The Man with the Overcoat

By David Finkle
Published by nthposition press
ISBN 978-0992618520
Spring 2016


The life of Skip Gerber - a Manhattan real estate lawyer nudging middle age whose life and career have stalled almost without his noticing - is turned upside down when a total stranger hands him a coat.

Author's Biography

Finkle has covered the arts for NY Times, NY Post, Village Voice, SF Chronicle, Nation, New Yorker, Time Out NY, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Huffington Post.


"A satisfying, surreal tale wrapped in a taut, neo-noir package..." -Foreword Reviews 
"A strange and perplexing story worthy of Gogol's absurdist worlds... very entertaining and quirky." -Shelf Awareness for Readers 
"4.5 out of 5 stars!" -San Francisco Book Review 
"blends mystery, fantasy, and comedy. Tightly written with rich and complex subtext that makes reading it a sublime pleasure." -Chanticleer Book Reviews 
"Exceptionally well written... thought-provoking in its intensity." -The Bookbag

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Reader Comments

Finkle is a brilliant writer whose book The Man With the Overcoat reminded me very much of a 21st century, New York City version of Kafka's The Castle.
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