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A New Menace
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A New Menace

By Roger A. Price
ISBN 9781843869467
Spring 2016


The author is a retired detective inspector who had been in charge of a covert unit that received national acclaim for its successes in engaging those who openly sold Class A drugs. 
He also worked on murders, drugs squads, and the regional and national crime squads.

Author's Biography

Newly retired from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, John Burrows is shocked to be called back by his old bosses for one last job. And not just any job – he's on the tail of his old adversary, the infamous Jonny Moon, a dangerous and volatile criminal who will stop at nothing to get his own way. When a civilian is kidnapped and tortured by Moon's associates after a botched surveillance operation, Burrows knows he's in deep water.


After reading A New Menace I was left wanting more! - Crime Book Club, 

Artful writing with a genuinely enthralling plot and a cracking denouement - Book Viral Spotlight:

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Reader Comments

Very well written, gripping, intrigue, sex, violence and a book that must be read.
Amazing! Cannot wait until the next one!
Very good read
Great Book, glad its getting good recognition
Excellent book this author should go far
Excellent book, I cannot wait for his next one!
I couldn't put this book down if was an excellent read. I can't wait for his next book
Well written with the authors experience showing through the narrative.
Very enjoyable read, with exciting story line. I could not put it down.
Excellent read!
A superb book and sequel to his first By Their Rules. It is obvious the author has a full knowledge and experience of his subject matter giving a true feel for the reader of this style of policing.
Excellent read. Keeps you gripped as the story develops.
Brilliant authentic crime fiction
A brilliant read
a wonderful intriguing book a definite must read
A real page-turner: refreshingly vivid descriptions skilfully worked into genuinely unpredictable twists and turns, with fascinating side-points that can only come from someone who has first-hand experience in crime prevention.
A truly excellent sequel to ByTheir Rules written by a very credible author. Roger Price's past life as a Detective Inspector of a major crime squad gives real authority to this gritty novel. I think we all occasionally wish that the main character of this novel, John Burrows and his team were for real! Would the UK be a safer place if they were? Very likely and there lies the popularity of these two novels. I can't wait for more!
Roger's novels TASTE of real policing.
brilliantly written .characters come to life . great story line with plots leaving you wanting more
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