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Nature Cures
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Nature Cures

Subtitle The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods
By Nat Hawes
ISBN 9781781610398
Spring 2016


A fascinating 1130-page compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties together with illnesses and the natural foods that are known to relieve them. Also included are hazards and the foods that counteract them and essential nutrients and minerals and the foods that can provide them.

Author's Biography

Nat Hawes began researching the relationship between food and health more than 15 years ago prompted by family health problems. She initially shared her knowledge on her website, which she updates daily and has now received nearly two million hits. She has also qualified as a nutritional therapist.

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Reader Comments

Wonderful book full of so much invaluable information
at last i have found a book that gives useful information in an understandable format-woopee!
Brilliant and all encompassing
A really helpful book. can't live without it now
An amazing book. It's the bible of nutrition. Every household should have it on their shelves
Great book
A wonderful book. Comprehensive, easy to read and potentially life changing
Interesting book which is easy to navigate through.
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