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Pavel is a Geordie
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Pavel is a Geordie

By Pavel Srnicek and Will Scott
ISBN 978-0993442421
Spring 2016


The son of a woodcutter and middle child of five, Pavel had to overcome several challenging obstacles before finally proving his worth in life as a man and footballer on the domestic and international stage. 

This isn't a typical footballer’s tale of rags to riches; it covers life as a soldier in an Eastern Bloc state under Communist rule where he nearly shot his general and of tales involving the Mafia, guns, drugs and corruption. 

This is a unique and heart-warming account of one of football’s good guys: full of comedy, tragedy and heartache that will make the reader laugh and cry in equal measures.

Author's Biography

Pavel Srníček (10 March 1968 – 29 December 2015) was a Czech professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper from 1990 to 2007, mainly for Newcastle United. In addition, he represented Sheffield Wednesday, Portsmouth and West Ham United in England, and also played in Italy for Brescia and Cosenza, in Portugal for Beira-Mar, and in his native country for Banik Ostrava. After retiring, he worked as a goalkeeping coach for his own private school and for Sparta Prague. 

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Reader Comments

A really good read with an insight of someone who is honest down to earth and came through a difficult upbringing to conquer so much
This book is inspiring it's amazing what's happened in his life and his plans that he was still looking to do
A good read for football fans, not sure of the wider appeal. This appears to be an honest autobiography with a lot of comments that tend to get sanitised by lawyers nowadays. There is certainly no holding back when describing some of the controversial issues.
Amazing book and fitting tribute to a great man
Great book!
Engrossing account of one mans rise to the top of his profession will all the ups and downs along the way. R.I.P Pav Forever a Geordie
A wonderful book about a proper people's hero.
legend in every way, R.I.P
Such a great guy a gent an honest man reading the book it's great 😃 Fantastic read 😃
Fab book and a lovely man x
Met the legend in the NUFC club shop, nicest person ever
I was fortunate enough to meet Pav a few times back in the day. What a lovely human being a real gentleman. Mind you he did have hands like JCB shovels!
Good luck billy X
Marvellous insight of the world of football.
Fantastic read! Hope it wins! Deserves every vote.
Amazing book. Currently reading as we speak. From a Jock who's a toon fan . Loved Pav.
A legend and icon of the rise of a city through football perfectly captured.
Must read book, brilliant honest intriguing life story about a world class goalkeeper although sad it's brilliant...a must read
Awesome book - well-written tribute to a real hero.
A brilliant tribute to a true gent!
The story of a once unknown man who went to become an adoption son of the Geordie nation - brilliant read.
A truly wonderful book about a truly wonderful man
Pav was one of the most loved players ever to pull on the jersey, and I really enjoyed reading about his life off the pitch, especially his early years growing up in the Czech Republic.
Patel was and always will be a Geordie. A lovely person who deserves some recognition.
Heartwarming, sad, funny and very honest. A great book about a lovely man. RIP Pavel the Geordie x
Great story about a man who overcame adversity to become loved by the Newcastle faithful. Refreshingly honest football biography
Belter of a book...
Wonderful guy and an he was inspiration to all.
A really good read giving an open and honest insight into one of Newcastle's most popular players in recent times.
Pavel is a Gerodie !!
A brilliant read and an original take on the sport biography
A wonderful story of a man who arrived in this country with, virtually, nothing, but worked hard to become a great goalkeeper and warmed the hearts of every Geordie with his attitude, kindness and personality.
Great book Will, and it would be good to get back in touch Andy Meiklejohn
Excellent book.
Pavel Srnicek was an absolute gentleman and superb role model for all youngsters aspiring to be a professional footballer.
excellent read for what is also very interesting story of a great mans life
Excellent book about a true professional, who earned respect both from his peers and his fans, for his honesty and his commitment to 'always doing his best', whatever the circumstances.
Well-written book by both authors. Totally deserves to win.
A great Story
Brilliant book, fully deserves the award!
Have bought and loved Pav,s story,so honest!
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