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The Harey Chat Room
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The Harey Chat Room

By Hedley Griffin
ISBN 9781908352200
Spring 2016


Harey, The hare-brained rabbit is typing a letter in a chat room, while his friends look on. 'That's great! Lucy Lamb wants to be my friend and write to me,' yelled Harey in excitement. Next day, they go out to meet Lucy Lamb in the park and discover a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Author's Biography

Hedley was born in Mauritius of English parents and came to England when he was only a few months old. Growing up in Sussex he spent the first thirty years living around Haywards Heath and Lewes and then moved to Suffolk in 1989 where he now lives with his wife and two dogs. His two children and six grandchildren live in Sussex. 
Having spent 30 years as an animation director, much of this time working for BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television, Hedley now self-publishes his own children's books on child safety. Some of the BBC programmes he worked on included “On The Road”, “The Worm That Turned”, “Vision On”, “You and Me”, “Words and Pictures”, “Words and Pictures Plus”, “Writing and Pictures”, “Storytime”, “Le Club - Les Aventures de Globo”, and “Watch”. 
Channel 4 credits include “Maths Mansion”, “Rat-a-Tat-Tat”, “Word Machine”, and “Arts Cart”.


"Overall, it's a great way of dealing with safety and teaching children in a memorable way." Scholar Magazine Summer Reviews. 

"A great idea because as well as being a cracking read for the 3-7 age group, they also incorporate a message about safety in the home, or out and about. The Sunday Post. 

"The children were both transfixed from start to finish - they loved the story and were able to tell me about the important messages in the story. When my youngest saw a child run out into the road after a ball today he recalled the story and told me why that was so dangerous. We will certainly be exploring some of the other titles in this clever and engaging series!" 
Mummy Fever

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