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The Squawks
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The Squawks

By Ruth Thorp
ISBN 978-0992864705
Spring 2016


'Have you met the birds that Squawk the Squawking talk of the Squawking Squawks' 

Meet the Squawks – an irresistible community of quirky birds! 

Beautifully drawn and wittily observed in a tongue-twisting rhyme, each page is sure to raise a smile from readers of all ages.

Author's Biography

Ruth is a designer, illustrator and writer. With a degree in Architecture, she runs Ruth Thorp Studio alongside working in a busy Landscape Architecture practice in Bath. She loves coffee, dancing, great design, beautiful spaces, reading and beach walks back home in Pembrokeshire where she feels most creative!


'The Squawks is just a whole bundle of fun and energy to read!' Book Monsters 

'The Squawks is a joyful picture book; gorgeous to look at and pure fun to read.' My Book Corner 

'The birds themselves are very expressive so it’s ideal for sharing with a young child' Book Lover Jo 

'Full to the brim with amazing onomatopoeia, this book is a complete delight to read' My Small World Toy Store 

The Squawks 'demonstrates to young listeners that words are fun – fun to hear, fun to mess about with, fun to write and fun to invent.' Jill Bennett of Red Reading Hub 

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Reader Comments

Charming children's book, to be enjoyed by adults also! Attractively designed and well-written.
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