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The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst
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The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst

By Griselda Heppel
Published by Matador
ISBN 9781784623043
Spring 2016


In the shadows of Walton Hall a demon lurks. His name: Mephistopheles. In 1586, 12-year-old John Striven struck a bargain with in return for help against his murderous foster brother, but Mephistopheles’ plan to trap the boy went wrong. Now, he needs another soul to call on him…

Author's Biography

Griselda Heppel read English at Cambridge and worked in publishing for a few years before moving to Oxford with her husband to bring up their four children.


“Griselda Heppel is a born storyteller. Your children will love her books and, to be honest, so will you.” 
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 

“An absorbing read. Griselda’s writing is full of tiny observations that add up to a believable world. Highly recommended.” 
Child-led Chaos 

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Reader Comments

A worthy successor to first book.
Great book for my children.
Wonderful book.
Absolutely brilliant. Jon
Seeing year 6 children totally enthralled with this book has been a joy. Well done, again, Griselda!
I loved this book. Good luck!
Gripping from the start. Beautifully written. Well done Griselda.
A great read,many thanks
A well written page turner and a clever reference to the classics.
Another wonderful tale by Griselda Heppel! Adults will enjoy this as much as their offspring. A very good read..thank you!
Griselda, looking forward to seeing what's next. Congratulations. And good luck.
Griselda Heppels books are full of historical intrigue and mystery - but right up to date in their appeal! A great book for enquiring children...and adults!
Excellent reading
Fantastic book for kids and those who have never grown up!
Another great read from the author - the children loved it.
Really engaging for all ages and beautifully crafted.
Another fantastic book from the master storyteller
Wonderful echoes of the old storytelling greats
A Great Read...
Mysterious and exciting!
A page turner and very exciting to read. Perfect for older children - and adults..
Yet another fabulous story. Well done Griselda.
A gripping tale!
keeping up the high standard of Ante's Inferno
A great book for children and I wish Griselda, who is a fine writer, every success
Great read, gripping, and fast paced.
A gripping book for the older child
Griselda's story-telling voice echoes through the book, and will draw her readers into the adventure: intriguing and exciting at the same time.
An amazing read! It hooked me in from the first page
A fabulous story! I couldn't put it down, and I'm an adult, so imagine what the children will think! An excellent, gripping story.
Gripping from the first sentence. Even better than Ante's Inferno!
Highly original and full of suspense.
Tense, enthralling and wonderfully menacing - loved it!
I just love Griselda's style
Transports the imagination
Excellent. Best of Luck. Mike Smith Meynell July 1952.
A very enjoyable extract worthy of my vote. Well done, Grisdelda!
A fantastic read!
bravo ! Isabelle Saulnier
This exciting story moves between 'then' and 'now' with enough tension, creepiness, and well-researched history to be a great winner with its target audience, and beyond. A page-turner.
Highly recommend it!
Exciting, authentic, insightful, engaging, and inspiring.
A gripping story very well written.
A tale very much of its time, engaging and thought provoking. The author has not only lived up to her established literary reputation, but raised the bar yet further. A thoroughly wholesome read!
Even better than Ante's Inferno
exciting, clever
great read
A thrilling read for children and adults.
Fantastic read. This author has set a very high standard.
Not only was I glad I was not alone in the house when I first read the fascinating story of Henry Fowst, some passages are quite scary, I also immediate decided to buy it for my twelve year old grand daughter as a Xmas gift I expect in a few years it will lead her to Marlowe, Lessing, Goethe and Paul Valery a great story with a strong educational message
This novel has an intricate and absorbing plot that meshes time past with the contemporary world, with perceptive glimpses of the emotions behind the actions. And the marbles are a clever touch!
A most enjoyable read.
Gripping and even quite scary
Another brilliant book by this talented author.
Another cracking story from the author of the acclaimed Ante's Inferno. Part mythology, part historical and part fantasy but above all an exciting and well written tale.
Another fine entry from this estimable author
Heppel is really getting into her stride: believable characters and well-paced narration that make you keep turning the pages, hungry to learn what will happen to them.
Really exciting read, I couldn't put it down !
An excellent read! Loved the interaction between the past and present and the creepiness of Mephistopheles. Highly recommended.
Such a wonderful story! Very exciting to see such an imaginative retelling of the Faustian legend. A joy to read for children and adults alike! Highly recommended.
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