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The Red Prince
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The Red Prince

By Charlie Roscoe and Tom Clohosy Cole
Published by Templar Publishing
ISBN 9781783702206
Spring 2016


When the young Prince of Zapada is imprisoned, he needs help to escape. As he flees his prison dressed in red pyjamas, his captives are hot on his heels. He isn’t alone - the whole country has joined forces to help him, everyone dressing in red to confound his enemies.

Author's Biography

Tom Clohosy Cole studied at Kingston University. He published Space Race with Nobrow in 2012, and his clients include The Sunday Times, The Welcome Trust, Virgin Media, Sony, and Pan Macmillan. He lives and works in London.


This is just gorgeous and I love the way Tom plays with light and dark to really make his illustrations. And a particularly heart-warming ending.... 

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