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Love Your Bones
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Love Your Bones

Subtitle The essential guide to ending osteoporosis and building a healthy skeleton
By Max Tuck
ISBN 9781781610718
Winter 2015


Based on the latest research and technological developments, Max Tuck provides a comprehensive action plan for reducing your fracture risk, rebuilding your skeleton and improving your overall health.

Author's Biography

Max Tuck is an animal doctor and Hippocrates Health Institute-trained health educator who began researching nutrition in detail following her mother's diagnosis with osteoporosis and her own collapse with chronic fatigue 25 years ago. She has since run marathons and climbed mountains - a full and 'miraculous' recovery.


Price £14.99

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Reader Comments

Excellent Max
Excellent book, very readable and informative and with recipes included to get you started.
This book is sought after by everybody seeking to improve their understanding in the whole area of osteoporosis and bone health.
Great book. Very informative.
As with all of Max Tuck's books, this is a fabulously informative read.
What we love about Max Tuck is that she tells the truth, I bought two of these books, One for myself and one for someone who is very seriously unwell with osteoporosis, both of us were impressed, straightforward easy to understand, her books are life changing, well done Max keep up the good work!!
Clear straightforward information that will change your life, from a really knowledgable expert in the field of health and nutrition.
Very informative with the awareness of how to look after your bones.
Brilliant well written book. Thank you
Each book that adds clarity to the myths and untruths that are floating around the mainstream media and internet about milk and dairy being good for your bones, is crucial and needed to dispel these myths. Max Tucks book brings correct and scientifically proven and well researched and referenced information that will finally help the people in the western world start to really care for their bones, and wipe off the false milk moustache that is actually harming them, once and for all.
Thank you for caring and sharing.:))
Brilliant book Good Luck!
Everyone should read this book!
Great Book
Great book
This is the best one
fab book, good luck!
A brilliant and inspirational book.
Great book
Max has the ability to explain complex issues in a very friendly eloquent simple way
Excellent guide to better health in simple but technical English
I have known and trained with Max for over 25 years. Her drive, determination and commitment is of the highest standard. Her knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and body conditioning is the main topic in her life and she has passed this on and more in this book.
Great book for healthy people
It is a brilliant book with sound, well research information. NHS need to take note.
Max has the best understanding of how the body works and has a wonderful way of explaining it all simply, clearly, in great detail and with wonderful humour. This book is not only bursting with fantastic factual information, it is also a joy to read. Follow the practical guidelines she describes, understand the scientific rationale and your whole body's health will improve beyond your wildest dreams!
Max has been a long standing partner with the Juice PLUS+ company and her health talks and written content have always been cutting edge information.
Clear, straightforward and spot on. This book can make a big difference to so many lives.
Amazing book written by an incredible woman... well done Max
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