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The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs

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The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs

By Matthew Black
Published by Parvus Magna Press
ISBN ​978-1-910372-04-3
Winter 2015


I created this book because founders I work with I continually brought me ideas poorly validated, lost leads, and failed to grasp the basics of getting from conception to profitable business. I designed this book to be written in, carried around, capture hot leads, opportunities & inspired ideas.

Author's Biography

Born in the wild untamed Australian outback, Matthew developed early the skills to survive in one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world. Skills equally valuable in the world of business. His 30 years in business consulting combined with his larger-than-life character earned him the title “The Outback Entrepreneur”


Price £14.99

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Reader Comments

AWESOME... A must for anyone wanting to start a business, I used it to help me with me networking.
In one world LOVE.... Read this book if you are like me and have a dream of something better, of fixing the world with your Uber cool idea. Or you might just want make a pile of cash, that's cool. Matt Black isn't your average author, mentor, entrepreneur, or average anything really. I meet him at an event in London last year. A real powerhouse speaker that has really lived it, the ups and the downs of business. *** WARNING*** The very act of reading this book already sets you apart from probably ninety percent of start-up CEO wannabees. But if you don't just read it, but USE this book, you may become drunk with the amazing power and potential you have at your fingertips, the power to create opportunity, to change the world (yeah epic huh?). Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely.. but it also absolutely rocks. Light up your ideas
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