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MAC's Year 2015 - Cartoons from the Daily Mail
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MAC's Year 2015 - Cartoons from the Daily Mail

Published by Spellbinding Media
ISBN 9781909964228
Winter 2015


Mac’s views his role as making “dreary news of the daily paper brighter by putting in a laugh”. In one of his daily cartoons, except when the cartoon makes a political statement, or when it depicts a tragedy, Mac includes a small portrait of his wife hidden within the picture.

Author's Biography

Mac has freelanced for Punch and other magazines. Early '60’s - co-wrote many TV scripts for Tommy Cooper & Dave Allen. Resident cartoonist at the Daily Mail for 45 years. Chairman of “Saints and Sinners” club. Awarded MBE in 2004 for “services to the newspaper industry”. 2012 thrilled to receive a life-time achievement award.


Mac is, quite simply, Britain’s greatest living cartoonist. Mac’s humour is warm, humane and universal. Paul Dacre, Editor of The Daily Mail 

Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

Gloriously funny and spot on the mark, without ever being vicious or unkind. Just rollicking good fun.
Laughter prolongs life. I think I will live forever reading this book. Highly recommended.
So much fun.
MAC is a genius. So funny. What a fantastic book
One of my main reasons for buying the Daily Mail is to read MAC's cartoons. This is a treat.
Great fun book
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