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Children's Poetry - Exercise and Healthy Food
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Children's Poetry - Exercise and Healthy Food

Subtitle An Invitation That Captured The Primary School Nation
By Christina Gabbitas
ISBN 9780957255272
Winter 2015


An Invitation That Captured The Primary School Nation 
This poetry book is a result of a national initiative, to help encourage and inspire children of primary school age to read and write. The children have written 'eight line rhymes' about exercise and healthy food. 

Author's Biography

These poems have been penned by children in the UK and United Emirates (Sharjah) It's wonderful to see how the children have awakened their imaginations. Illustrator Ric Lumb, has helped bring the characters to life with his colourful illustrations.


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Reader Comments

Very entertaining with some amazing poems.
My children both enjoy these and is nice to be able to end the day with a smile.
I enjoyed judging these poems.
A really helpful tool for teaching my children about rhyme.
An innovative way to get children reading.
My boys take turns reading aloud to us. Good luck to all the children.
My nieces in New York had a lot of fun at Christmas with the poems. Well done to all the children.
Great colourful book.
Great Christmas gift for my nephew. The idea of children helping children to read is brilliant. Good luck.
This book is a great idea. My son isn't switched onto reading but loves reading these rhymes. We look forward to more.
Our favourite is Brian Banana. A great selection of poems.
Fantastic childrens author
What a brilliant way to encourage children reading and writing. Good luck to all the children.
Our boys really love the brightly coloured pages with the illustrations, making it more inviting for them to read.
This book s a great way for children to learn about rhyme.
As a judge on this initiative, I have been very impressed at the children's imagination and quality of their work. I look forward to the next publication.
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