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The Tiny Tree
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The Tiny Tree

By Allan Plenderleith
ISBN 978-1-84161-392-5
Winter 2015


Deep in the forest a tiny tree is taken from its home with all the big trees and brought to the city, but no-one wants her for their Christmas tree. Will the tiny tree find someone who wants her?

Author's Biography

Allan is the author of bestselling Christmas classic, The Smelly Sprout,
as well as one of the UK's top children's screenwriters, having worked on
many TV shows, including CBEEBIES, CBBC, CITV and Channel 5.


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Another great children's Christmas title from Allan Plenderleith!
This is the winner!
Love it
We love Allan's books - a great author and illustrator
Lovely colours, style and text. Effortlessly simple ... Not easy to do
My kids love Allan's books.
Lovely touching story, funny and sad, perfect for Christmas. It has a real heart, our kids loved it!
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