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The Bird Bath
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The Bird Bath

By Zofia Chantrey-Goddard
ISBN 9781907552700
Winter 2015


Who will visit the bird bath today? 
But they're not just any birds - and it's not just any bird bath. Will you see the robin with the soap and towel? And will the sparrow bring a flannel for the owl?

Author's Biography

Zofia Chantrey-Goddard lives in a small village in Lancashire and is the mother of four young children. She has spent her career as an occupational therapist. Soon after the birth of her fourth baby, she began to write and draw, as if by magic!


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Reader Comments

Loved this book
A great little rhyming book with a moral message about the kindness of sharing.
A marvellous and unique book. We hope to see more from this author.
My children really enjoyed this book
Lovely story with a good message for children
Great story and wonderful illustrations
My 2 and 3 year old both really enjoy reading this book
I have been truly impressed by Zofia's creative talent to tell an imaginative but moral story, which has been inspired by her rural surroundings and her own children. I'm sure the simplicity, rawness of, and refreshing approach to the illustrations will connect with all young children.
Such a lovely story for children read it over and over again.
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