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Angry Me
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Angry Me

Subtitle Me Me Me's, Angry Me
By Annabelle Neilson
Published by Fat Fox Books
ISBN (0)1580 857249
Winter 2015


The first in this series is all about the little red character of Angry Me who struggles to contain his anger. But Mellow Yellow – the constant voice of calm in the series – reassures and guides, reminding Angry Me that he is never alone – there is always a friend to listen and help.

Author's Biography

Annabelle Neilson Annabelle is a TV star turned author, who’s imagination is wild and endless, which is reflected in this unique series. She has the ability to create wonderful, fun stories that have meaning and will empower children.


Review in September issue of City Kids 
Competition in Primary Times August 
Review in Autumn issue of Prima Baby 
Review in Primary times Ireland August

Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Love the illustrations - looking forward to more of these books
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