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Everybody's Special
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Everybody's Special

By Tamara Rattigan
ISBN 9780993366109
Winter 2015


"Everybody's Special" is a bright and colorfully illustrated, rhyming children's story book which aims to inspire children to celebrate their individuality & uniqueness and delivers the message of acceptance, understanding & confidence in a child friendly format. 

The book is aimed to young children first beginning to read (3-7 years), although children of all ages, even adults, will enjoy the book and the message it is conveying. 

"Everybody's Special" aims to inspire children to embrace the things that make them different from one another, as its these “things” that makes us all the unique individuals we are. 

“It’s good that were all different in the way we look and the things we do, as each of these unique features are what makes you….YOU!”

Author's Biography

Tamara Rattigan is a successful graphic designer from the South East of England. She is the author & illustrator of Everybody's Special, which is the first in a series of children's illustrated story books, which aim to inspire children. Visit for more information.


RJane Reviews Amazon: This is a gorgeous book and I can see it will be greatly received by the younger generation. It brings a good subject to the forefront, whilst being enclosed in beautiful illustrations and a poetic flow. 

I would love to see this in paperback or hardback, as a gift for my niece and nephews. 
The concept that everyone is different but special is an important message to children, particularly in our growing multicultural and ethnic society. Acceptance is important and this children's book entwines that message very cleverly.

Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

We all love the book and wish you the Best of Luck ;)
Great book and fantastic illustrations.
Excellent book for children
An excellent book which deserves recognition.Every school & nursery setting should own a copy of Everybody's Special as it is great for teaching youngsters about diversity and differences.
My grandchildren have this book & love it! I actually know it off by heart now having read it with them so often!!
The illustrations are fun, colourful and appealing to all. A lovely childrens book with a positive meaning to the story. Everybody's Special is a firm favourite in our household. Would love to see more books from the author.
Simply fantastic!
FANTASTIC childrens story book. My kids love it ;)
Good luck
The Illustrations are so colourful and captivating,my two children really enjoyed them. This is a book with a great message to future generations. We need this kind of message more than ever. Thanks for promoting tolerance and acceptance Tamara. Best of luck with the book.
Delightful book that is beautifully written. The illustrations in this charming children's book are fantastic and I hope, everybody with little children will buy a copy. Tamara really does show that everybody is special.Thoroughly recommended.
Love this book and the illustrations are so well done.
Good luck ;)
This is a perfect book for all young readers
I just love the artwork and characters in this children book! The meaning of the story is also really good and it is done in a lovely, easy to understand way and I'm sure will be loved by all children! Good luck
An adorable meaningful story with beautiful illustrations
A really positive approach that will help every child feel special ;)
The kids LOVE this book!!
Extremely talented author and illustrator. We absolutely love this book as it is well written with great rhyming tone and is beautifully illustrated. Highly recommended picture book ;)
Best of luck with the book.
Such a lovely book with a great message!
Great book for all children.
Thoughtful book :) good luck
Good Luck Tamara!
Truly inspiring book. Good luck Tamara
Really good book for young children.
Good luck with the book 😄
Lovely children's book, great resource for all children's nurseries and primary schools to teach about inclusion.
FAB book. Good luck!
Lovely children's book. Good luck ;)
Fabulous book
Love this book! Really deserves to be a winner. Good luck
Really great book with wonderful illustration
great book. wishing you lots of luck
Beautiful book by a beautiful person! Xx
A beautifully written children's book that encourages children & has a good moral message.
Totally inspiring book with fab illustrations
Good luck! Lovely book
Great children's book
Fantastic book. Purchased for my granddaughter as a Christmas present. She loved reading it over and or again! The pictures are very detailed and encourage discussion! Would definitely recommend.
This book is an important additional tool for those working with children to address bullying and the importance of mutual respect across spectrums of faith, culture and other aspects of personhood. Well done Tamara Rattigan. The next generation will have reason to be thankful for your work - nit just the message in the fabulous artwork and storyline, but for the spirit in which it is offered.
A genuine childrens book with special colourful illustrations and nice applicable texts.
Lovely book for all kids.
Superb book which is greatly inspiring for the younger generation. The message is really important particularly as we live in such a diverse, multi cultural society. From a young age its important that we understand that each and everyone of us is "Special" and unique regardless of our physical features, our interests etc.Enjoy being yourself, as your great just the way you are!
My daughter loves this book & the drawings are really good and appeal to young children.
Great book
Fantastic illustrations together with a fantastic message which I am certain will inspire many children around the world. Every child should have the opportunity to have access to this book and i am sure it will be a firm children's favourite for many many years to come.
Fantastic Book with a great meaning.
The most wonderful illustrations - absolutely today. This is a book that will become a firm favourite at bedtime.
Well done it's a really great book
We as an Organisation for Disabled Children will be purchasing copies in the New year to pass onto service users and their family/friends as we fully support the concept and message behind this wonderful book. We feel it is important and necessary for every main stream school to have copies of this book to deliver the correct message about individuality.
Great book, highly recommended
We love the book and wish you the Best of Luck ;)
Absolutely fantastic....inspiring!
A lovely unique book. Wishing you lots of luck.
A beautifully written book that encourages children. A great book for all ages.
My children's favourite book! They don't put it down and love the brilliant illustrations. Good luck. It really deserves to be a winner!
A beautiful book .beautifully illustrated my grandchildren love it x
Absolutely fantastic book with colour fun that my foster child loves to read, this has been the first book we have been able to get her interested in, well done Tamara
Good book.
Fantastic book and illustration!
Excellent - really hope you make it to the finals - and me too - so we can enjoy a glass of bubbly!!! Good luck! Rachel :)
Excellent children's book
As a teachers aid, I have found the book 'Everybody's Special' very helpful in teaching non-English speaking students, due to it's simplicity and down to earth speech. The illustrations are bright and clear to understand for people of all ages. I also do volunteer duties at an aged care home when most of the in-patients suffer dementia, and I introduced this book on my last visit and got a surprising amount of interest from some of the patients. I feel this well written and illustrated book will not only be good for children of all ages, but for parents as well. Anna Roberts
Great story worthy of a win.
Good Luck! Wishing you every success with this beautiful book, you truly deserve it!
Wishing you the best of luck! Fantastic book with great meaning
Fantastic, lovely children's book
Amazing lady to write a book with such a wonderful message, my 3 year old twins riley and gracie have autism and gracie is obsessed with books, I've just placed her order for this book, she will love it and best of all she can read it at some point understanding that everyone is different and that's ok :)
Looks like a lovely book. Best of luck Tamara.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you my friend x
Congratulations and wishing you all the luck on this entry
Tamara has written a very relevant story that will appeal to kids whilst giving them a good morale message xx
Amazing book, deserves to win wholeheartedly
This is an amazing rhyming childrens book about how everyone is different.
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