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Madeleine Goes to the Moon
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Madeleine Goes to the Moon

By Peter Lynas
ISBN 9781907960147
Winter 2015


Madeleine is a little girl with a BIG imagination. One day she builds herself a rocket and flies it to the moon. What will happen when she gets there? Will she make new friends? Will she return home safely? And more importantly, will she tidy her room? 

Madeleine Goes to the Moon is a beautiful, musical, rhyming story that children are sure to love.​

Author's Biography

Peter Lynas is a Quality Manager, husband and proud father of two who lives in Hesketh Bank in Lancashire. Madeleine Goes to the Moon is his first published book. 

Peter showed an early interest in books, learning to read before starting school and losing himself in the fantastic worlds of Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry.


"I loved this book... I would recommend this book... it is fun and adventurous." San Francisco Book Review 

"Brilliantly illustrated. A fun-filled romp through a child’s imagination!" Nelson Suit, Editor, Inkspokes 

"A truly magical story which will capture the imagination of every child." Jane Ramones, Kiddiroo 

"We loved the fab pace of the story here, and the gorgeous bold artwork. "Read it Daddy! 

"I loved the rhyming words because they were fun... The book was funny and fantastic." Mango Bubble Books 

"A delightful, brilliantly imagined and illustrated picture-story book for young children. Highly coloured, a wonderful rhyming story about Madeleine who has the kind of imagination most young children will have - she builds a moon rocket and flies it to the moon. Enchanting, simply enchanting." BooksMonthly 

"A lovely story... The book is beautifully illustrated in a way that appeals to both adults and children, and really helps to tell the story. The gently rhyming text is a pleasure to read, and easy for the kids to follow, understand and read for themselves." My Family Fever 

"Colourful, bold Illustrations and a sweet little story told in verse. I’d like to think it would encourage today’s children to have their own adventures." Roseland Online

Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Excellent book great ryming story and illustrations
We all love this book, it's inspiring, creative and has lots of opportunities for our kids to develop their imagination and play.
Good story with nice rhymes to keep the little ones interested. Great illustrations as well to help fule the imagination.
Simply delightful book that is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated. Adored by my children.
My grandchild has read this book and loved it.
My daughter loves this book a lovely bedtime story
My kids love this book 😀
great Children's book
Awesome narration!
Fantasic illustrations to go along with beautiful storyline, the book reveals new secrets with each reading.
What a lovely book.
Beautiful :)
Such a delightful, funny and clever book!
Lovely, really special little book.
We all love this book and read it often, brilliant.
Simply brilliant.
Great book for all kids.
Love it, absolutely brilliantly illustrated, clever and imaginative.
Fabulous book - beautifully illustrated and written.
We love this book in our house it is the favourite picture book!
Simply divine :)
Brilliant story and illustrations, love it.
Stunning picture book, unique, inventive and very much loved by our kids :)
Great book and fab illustrations.
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