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Charlie's World of Glittering Powers
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Charlie's World of Glittering Powers

By Tracy Rawles
Published by Matador
ISBN 9781784624736
Winter 2015


Charlie’s World of Glittering Powers is split between the forests and vineyards of Provence and a bustling Cornish fishing village. The tale follows Charlie, a rare breed allergy-prone cigale (aka a Snuffle-Buzzer). Charlie is talkative, inquisitive, and daydreams of adventure-filled travel.

Author's Biography

After thirty years in challenging and rewarding careers in administration, education and pathology, TRACY RAWLES now expresses her passion for wildlife and the countryside through her writing and photography.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

The story was great fun. I look forward to reading more adventures about Sevi and Charlie.
An superb adventure and one in which you are right with Charlie and Sevi, will be loved by all those who embark on the magical journey !
A captivating, magical story full of adventure and interesting characters. Children of all ages with imagination will love this!
What a delightful story! This author clearly has a passion for the subject. It is presented in a way that should encourage a young reader to appreciate nature, while being taken on an adventure sure to capture their imagination.
Wonderful enchanting book, really enjoyed reading it
Beautiful book
Utterly enchanting, in lovely settings and with highly individual characters - a great read!
Amazing reading, I love it
Superb book
A brilliant and imaginative adventure.
A beautifully written book that encourages children to use their imagination.
Well written, exciting book.
Magical! Literally transports you from Cornwall to Provence
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