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The Protein Crunch
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The Protein Crunch

Subtitle Civilisation on the Brink
By Jason Drew and David Lorimer
Published by Print Matters
ISBN 9780986997624
Winter 2015


Reveals shocking truth of how we have abused the very ground we stand on, the water we drink and the seas that cover our planet. These natural resources have become critically degraded at a time when our expanding population needs them most. The Protein Crunch offers hope for the future.

Author's Biography

Jason Drew is an international business leader and entrepreneur turned environmentalist. David Lorimer is the director of the Scientific and Medical Network, an international scientific think tank.


“...dishes up the harsh truths of the world in which we live, in a way that we can all relate to”… 

“...compelling, shockingly revealing and a great read”...Readers' Forum Book Club 

“The one book on the environment everyone should read”…Robert Swan, MBE FRGS, Polar Explorer 

Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

The most valuable subject this century
This book would be a very worthy winner !
Nice one
Loved it!
A fabulous book for everyone to read! A fascinating and insightful read on the destruction to our planet. A positive slant rather than gloom and doom which we hear about so often.
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