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The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting
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The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting

Subtitle How to raise your children, help save the planet and not go mad
By Kate Blincoe
Published by Green Books
ISBN 9780857842541
Winter 2015


Nature needs children and children need nature. This book will help your family open your doors to the outside and become truly freerange animals. You’ll live a greener lifestyle and your children will learn to enjoy, appreciate and care for the world around them.

Author's Biography

Kate Blincoe is a freelance journalist and writer for publications including The Guardian, Huffington Post, Eastern Daily Press and the RSPB. Raising children with an understanding of and connection to the natural world is now just as important to Kate as reducing the carbon footprint of their early years.


"This dip-in-able green guidebook is a brilliant idea. This resource can help families turn off the screens and get back to basics - bonding and enjoying nature together." - RSPB Nature's Home Magazine 

“Full of inspired ideas and practical methods to get ‘back to nature’ in the modern world. Anyone wanting to find alternatives to screens and electronics should read this book.” - Miranda Krestovnikoff, television and radio broadcaster, BBC’s COAST and The One Show. 

“This is the ultimate handbook for a fun, green and healthy family. I love this book.” - David Bond, director of Project Wild Thing and The Wild Network 

“This is an inspiring and practical book which will be of great interest to every parent who wants their children to have the kind of childhood they deserve.” - Sir Christopher Woodhead, Sunday Times columnist and former Chief Inspector of Schools

“This book is packed full of green ideas and great ways to inspire your kids about nature, how to drag them away from the screens and feel great as you watch their eyes light up with the joy of the natural world.” - Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts 

“This book contains a wealth of ideas and inspiration for green parenting. Dive in to this rich resource and have fun going green!” - Melissa Corkhill, editor of The Green Parent magazine, 

“This is a book packed full of ideas and helpful suggestions - a must for parents and children alike.” - Richard Powell OBE Lifelong Environmental and Heritage Conservationist including 24 years with the RSPB 

“It’s not just a big, bright, colourful manual on how to have fun with all the family, this book carries a vitally important message that connecting kids to nature is critical for the future of our planet.” - Mark Cocker, naturalist, environmental activist and author of Birds Britannica 

“At last – a good parenting guide which doesn’t make you feel inadequate!” - Patrick Barkham, author of Coastlines and The Butterfly Isles 

“So much in this book that I wish I knew when my children were small. A fabulous resource for new - and not so new – parents!" - Sara Parkin, Founder Director, Forum for the Future 

“Imaginative and practical, inspiring yet down-to-earth.” - Dr. Teresa Belton, founder member of Play for Life and author of Happier People Healthier Planet. 

Price £17.99

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Reader Comments

This is stunningly well written book with superb illustrations and picture and advice is clear funny and easily absorbed one of the best book I have read
Full of lots of inspiring and practical ideas and incredibly readable!
We are part of nature and it is very healing to be so.... great ideas to keep for fun outside and thus keep the electronic world in balance with the natural
A fantastic all-round resource for any parent.
Thought-provoking, inspiring and informative.
Great writer and a great book
Fabulous read, witty and very interesting .
I love this book, it's essence + heart. Good luck!
Good luck
A lovely, easy to read book full of practical advice and great ideas.
Fantastic book Fantastic Author
Lovely book
Insightful and helpful
A fabulous book with a thoughtful layout and content. A wonderful feel to this book, with super photos.
Amazing pictures and very good illustrations, a great read.
Lovely book. Great pictures and easy and simple tips to help bring up little ones.
Fun ,interesting ,beautifully presented book .
Brilliant, accessible and easy way into making manageable and real change for the benefit of everyone in the family!
A practical and timely book
A wonderful book packed full of helpful tips and advice for parents.
brilliant and insightful ideal present for my grown up children with kids
An excellent book packed with fun ways to engage children with the natural world and with good environmentally-friendly ideas. The pages are well laid out and attractively illustrated and the text informative without being bossy. I would recommend this book to parents, grandparents and all those who spend time with children.
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