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Royal Legacy
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Royal Legacy

Subtitle How the royal family have made, spent and passed on their wealth
By David McClure
Published by Thistle Publishing
ISBN 978-1-910198-65-0
Winter 2015


Over the last century the British Royal Family have benefited from special privileges like secret wills to keep their private wealth away from scrutiny. How can Prince Charles afford to live so lavishly - many ask - and how is the Queen able to bankroll other members of her family?

Author's Biography

David McClure is a television producer, writer and journalist. He has worked for Reuters, BBC News and Thames Television and made current affairs programmes for Channel 4 and Sky News. He was also written for The Sunday Times and The Guardian and is developing a documentary on the royal finances.


Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Great book
A more interesting read than expected. Not a body blow against the Royals, but a look at their wealth and financial position.
A gripping, meticulously researched expose of royal finances. Very readable, but may enrage. In short, an excellent stocking-filler for Christmas
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