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Subtitle A true story of disaster and courage
By Steve R. Dunn
Published by The Book Guild
ISBN 9781910508152
Winter 2015


HMS Formidable sailed to her doom under a vice admiral who did not accept the threat posed by new technology - submarines, the U-boats. Dunn tells some of their individual stories in heart-breaking detail.

Author's Biography

Steve R. Dunn is a successful businessman turned writer with a strong interest in the British Navy of the ‘Vicwardian’ and First World War periods. His is the author of The Scapegoat and The Coward. Steve lives in Barnt Green, Birmingham, Worcestershire and South-West France.


'A highly moving and very well researched book which will appeal to history buffs and to people who are interested in the First World War.' 
That's Books and Entertainment 

Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Excellent first class read, the research really stood out.
Excellent research and a fascinating insight into an important time in our history
This book is...formidable!
Steve's books are very well researched and sensitively written. He has given his readers a fascinating insight into the highs and lows of British naval warfare with great detail and empathy.
A fascinating, detailed and informative account that is also evocative of the time producing a compelling read
Living in a maritime community, I seek out sea-faring history. Having discovered Mr Dunn's work a short few years ago, I have to commend his ability to combine often terrifying fact with frank human stories of the men in the centre of the action. His prose is colourful and brings to reality these lives, deaths and the decision-making process. I hope that he's still writing and that there is another Dunn in the pipeline.
An excellent study not just of the how and why of a British naval disaster, but of the human cost.
Yet another excellent book by Steve R Dunn. Very interesting and informative. I have learned more history of British Naval events from reading these books than I did anywhere else, whilst enjoying the content greatly.
Simply brilliant book!!
A great read with superb attention to detail
Brilliant, intriguing and well written
An excellent and informative read
Fantastic read. Formidable would be a deserved winner.
Steve is meticulous in his research - the naval battles of the first world war are all too often forgotten as people usually focus on the trench wars of the First World War.
Emotional story, well researched and gripping.
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