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The Devil's Work
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The Devil's Work

By Dominic Adler
Published by Thistle Publishing
ISBN 978-1-910198-75-9
Category FICTION
Winter 2015


A war-blighted African state, in thrall to the Chinese… 

A rogue British security contractor, captured freelancing for a rebel general, interred in a high security prison… 

An MI6 team under suspicion of betrayal, tasked with staging a rescue attempt… 

Enter Cal Winter and the press-ganged mercenaries of The Firm.

Author's Biography

Dominic Adler was born and bred in London. After university and service in the army reserve, he spent over twenty years working for a UK law enforcement agency. Dominic is particularly interested in technology, military history, and the para-politics of 21st century warfare.


"Channelling ‘The Wild Geese’ and ‘Where Eagles Dare,’ Adler’s hard-boiled, knowing homage to the action thriller has a dark, modern twist."
- Harry Keeble, author of ‘Crack House’ and ‘Terror Cops’.

Price £10.99

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Reader Comments

Raw young talent who manages to engage the reader through plot and characterisation.
An excellent thriller that had me hooked from the start, hoping for good things in future from this author.
Superb read, the author must be applauded. Gets my vote for sure :)
Thoroughly enjoyed this well researched read! Couldn't put it down
A great read, really enjoyed it.
Loved this book... exciting plot and a great page-turner. I particularly enjoyed the sardonic sense of humour and country-hopping exploits of Cal Winter and his crew. The events felt contemporary and relevant to current events, and I strongly feel that this author deserves encouragment and reward to progress his career – he is a real talent to be nurtured and developed.
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