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Looking Past
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Looking Past

By Katharine E. Smith
Published by Heddon Publishing
ISBN 978-0993210136
Category FICTION
Winter 2015


Sarah Marchley's mother died when she was 11, leaving her and her father Tony. Life changes very little until Sarah goes to university, and a range of new people enter her life, and Tony's, forcing change for the better or worse. Looking Past is a tale of family, friendship, love, life and death – not necessarily in that order.

Author's Biography

Katharine Smith runs a small independent publishing business in Shropshire, alongside looking after her two young children and writing as often as she possibly can.


Without offering coping mechanisms or advice, this is ultimately an uplifting story about being true to yourself and becoming a mother on your own terms. Today's Child Magazine

Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Sadly too late to vote but wanted to say that this book has inspired me to read again after six years of being too tired (due to small children). It made me laugh, cry and reflect.... The book has depth, it has stayed with me....
Nuanced and realistic. Above all, a good read with the language crafted and engaging.
Fantastic read!
A well written and empathetic story of a young girl's experiences of life's ups and downs.
A thoughtful tale about relationships, loss, and love. Very well written, with well-developed characters that readers will relate to and root for. Highly recommended!
I enjoyed it.
Awesome book!
A positive and wonderfully told tale of female empowerment.
A great read.
This is the story of a young girl's struggle to come to terms with a personal tragedy, and her development into a strong and independent woman. The prologue drew me into the story so that I wanted to know more; the characters are well drawn, the writing is excellent and I found it a very satisfying read.
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