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16mm of Innocence
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16mm of Innocence

By Quentin Smith
Published by Matador
ISBN 9781784625498
Category FICTION
Winter 2015


The story of three estranged siblings who congregate for their mother’s funeral following the discovery of a skeleton in the garden of their old home. They find old 16mm home movies, and upon watching them discover secrets about their family, their parents, the skeleton, and the reasons behind their estrangement.

Author's Biography

In addition to being a novelist, medical doctor and practising anaesthetist, Quentin Smith is a graduate of London School of Journalism, Curtis Brown Creative and the former editor of Today’s Anaesthetist.


‘Truly accomplished and compelling - rich on so many levels… A very exciting personal thriller that both shocks and moves. A must for all ages.' 
Kenteas Brine, Producer Who’s Your Monkey (Throwing Stars) won Berlin Film Festival Award 

‘The perfect blend of engaging fiction and vile historical reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this spellbinding story.' 
Antony Wootten, author of A Tiger Too Many

Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Thought provoking!
Well done cousin. We are all very proud of you!
Standard doesn't falter
Excellent read. can't wait for more.
This is a terrific story of family secrets, woven into the history of Namibia. It is well written and keeps you engaged from the first page until the last.
A great achievement! The plot - The Characters - The unravelling of a chillingly suspenseful story- is pure entertainment coupled with the thrill of discovery and historic context all wrapped up together - a great read!!
Superb writing yet again!
A compelling book from beginning to end. Well done Quentin!
I really enjoyed this book. It very vividly brought to life the location in which the story is set, and the dilemmas faced by the characters. A powerful read.
Another enjoyable thought provoking read from Quentin
Great book
great great great
Brilliant read
I would highly recommend this book. It's interesting and from start to finish and a compelling read.
As ever from this author, a compelling read.
Awesome book! Gripping, couldn't stop until the end!
His best yet!
Great read. Recommended.
Engaging, thought-provoking, be prepared for an unexpected twist
A truly accomplished effort - great book for a rainy day.
Great read
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