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The Watchers
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The Watchers

By Neil Spring
Published by Quercus Books
ISBN 9781784290634
Winter 2015


At the height of the Cold War, officials at the Ministry of Defence conducted a highly secret investigation into unusual events that occurred along a strip of rugged coastline within the Pembrokeshire National Park nicknamed 'The Broad Haven Triangle'. The events made national headlines: lights and objects hovering in the sky, ghostly figures peering into farmhouse windows, cowering animals, and poltergeists plaguing a terrified family of witnesses. Thirty years later, official files pertaining to these occurrences were finally released for public scrutiny at the National Archives. The disclosure prompted a new witness to come forward to speak of what he knew. His testimony rocked the very foundations of the British Government.

Author's Biography

Neil Spring was born in South Wales in 1981. He started writing at the age of twenty-eight. Neil is Welsh and lives in London. The Watchers is his second novel. 


Fast-paced but often deliciously creepy . . . highly readable (Herald Scotland) 

A triumph of creativity (Vada Magazine) 

Truly original, captivating and mysterious (Starburst Magazine) 

An explosive new novel (Express) 

A gripping paranormal mystery that intertwines the imaginative and the suspenseful with true historical events (Foyles Bookshop) 

The kind of thing you remember in the middle of the night (SFX) 

Watch the Skies in Spring's spooky story of 1970s paranoia, UFOs and the haunting of an entire village (Observer) 

A mysterious and unsettling read (Tim Chester, Mashable)

Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

A brilliant tale that had me turning the pages into the long hours of the night
Makes the extraordinary and surreal feel immediate and real!
Total thrill ride of a book. Once started , its hard to put down.
Great book from start to finish,
Loving Neil Spring. His books keep you up until the early hours. I loved this book and it deserves to win.
I loved his previous book Ghost Hunters although the tv series was disappointing and can't wait to read this book
Definitely has my vote. :)
Unexpected ending!
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