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What To Do With Lobsters In A Place Like Klippiesfontein
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What To Do With Lobsters In A Place Like Klippiesfontein

By Colette Victor
Published by Cargo Publishing
ISBN 9781908885708
Category FICTION
Winter 2015


The arrival of a tank of lobsters in the General Store in Klippiesfontein, South Africa, makes everyone uncomfortable. This isn't the kind of place that welcomes change. 

In a town troubled by undercurrents of racism and poverty, some people show their worst traits while others shine through with humour and affection in this touching story of friendship, marriage, kindness, redemption and brightly coloured shellfish.

Author's Biography

Although Colette Victor has been living in Belgium since 2001, in heart and marrow she's a South African. As a community worker in a disadvantaged ex-mining community in Genk, she works with an array of people from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds. 

When she's not working, writing or being a mum, she promotes reading for young children and teaches creative writing to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


"Colette Victor is a brilliant storyteller... I was utterly absorbed and had to read it all in one sitting." – Lorraine Kelly

Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Brilliant and unputdownable!
A memorable story with engaging characters - I really enjoyed this book.
great stuff, and great writer. Victor succeeds in showing us the setting of a small southafrican village coping their past, although it's happening now! reading this book while living in a similar village in Belgium, the strong content is showing the university of the current struggling with people's past
Congratulations, Collete! Bianca from Romania!
Good luck Colette!
she is a real storyteller
cannot wait to read more from this author!
Takes you into South Africa itself!
She is a brilliant writer! She has always displayed a great creative mind since the age of 7. She keeps one enthralled!
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