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The Christmas Truce
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The Christmas Truce

Subtitle The Place Where Peace Was Found
By Hilary Robinson (Illustrator: Martin Impey)
ISBN 978-09571245-7-8
Autumn 2015


The Christmas Truce is based on that remarkable moment in history and finds soldiers Ben and Ray forging friendship with Karl and Lars. Written with touching sensitivity and brought to life with powerful illustrations the story celebrates human spirit and the time when, for one day, peace found a place.  

This truly is a brilliant book with such a positive message of peace emerging from such a terrible and tragic conflict.

Author's Biography

Hilary is an author, radio producer, broadcaster and feature writer. The author of over forty books for children, she is best known for Mixed Up Fairy Tales. 

Martin Impey has illustrated a number of animations and children’s books. Passionate about military history he illustrated Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse for OUP.


In a simple and well-phrased text and evocative illustrations this moment of truce is finely captured.- Julia Eccleshare, 

Simple, lyrical and poignant, beautifully illustrated.-Dr Barry Blades. 

Beautifully written, superbly illustrated, one which touches our hearts. - Gervase Phinn Former County Inspector of Schools, 

This truly is a brilliant book with such a positive message of peace emerging from such a terrible and tragic conflict. - 

The Christmas Truce was also a finalist in the Education Resources Awards 2015, and is shortlisted for the Sheffield Children's Book Awards 2015. 

It gives me a catch in my breath every time. It may seem an unlikely tale for a children’s book, but it’s superb. – Louisa Cameron, Newstalk

Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

This book is so educational for all ages including adults. It's a wonderful book and illustrations are beautiful.
An amazing story and beautifully illustrated book. My class of SEN children got so much from this when we studied it with them. Rebecca
Great book
Hilary Robinson is remarkably adept at introducing complex human issues to young children with enormous sensitivity, subtly and the ability to speak at eye level with children. This is a once in a generation young children's author. Martin Impey's Illustrations intuitively complement and enhance the ideas.
So beautifully written and illustrated, perfect to put over to children what our men did and went through the war
An inspirational book which the children based their Xmas concert around ... they wrote it together and performed it to parents.
The Christmas Truce's beautifully emotive poetry and stunning illustrations cleverly highlights a truly extraordinary glimmer of peace and humanity during an otherwise brutal war. Brilliant book.
Wonderfully illustrated and written. We love this book.
Such a good adaptation of the story, beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated.
A sensitively written and beautifully illustrated book. A delight.
I studied history in university, and I think this book is a really lovely way to teach children about the thorny subject of war while leaving them with the hope that things can and will get better. I've recommended it to all my teacher friends and friends with children. And I've purchased them for myself. It also helps that the illustrations are so beautiful and engaging. Wonderful and very deserving of this prize!
The children's books commemorating WWI that Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey have created are fantastic resources to help young children gently understand the history and darkness of war, the power of peace, humanity and the loyalty and love of animals who serve selflessly and tirelessly by our sides every single day. Highly recommended...
a book loved by the whole family
Such an important topic for children to learn about, presented in a deeply engaging way. We must not forget (particularly during these centenary commemorations) and it is up to us to ensure the next generation don't either.
A truly brilliant and moving book, especially poignant when read at Christmas time . The illustrations are amazing and so detailed. Martin is very talented
Such beautiful illustrations creating a powerful story.
A moving book with beautiful illustrations
Excellent story and illustrations, both of my children love this book.
A beautifully written book, fantastically illustrated. A great way to engage children with history.
A beautifully told story and wonderful illustrations.
Quite by chance I met this brilliant artist and he and Emile came with us on my day trip to the WW1 battlefields. He was as moved by the experience as we were by his beautiful book which I asked him to share with us. He has a real empathy for the subject with his personal connection. The book is a treasure.
A brilliant message of peace and hope for the future
A wonderfully well illustrated and beautifully written book
Really enjoyed by my 10 year old. Wonderful illustrations
Stunningly beautiful! A book that has the magic to appeal to all ages too - a real triumph!
Beautifully illustrated
Simply brilliant.
Beautiful illustrations illuminate the text and engender the true spirit of the truce.
fortunately I had the pleasure to meet the author of this truly moving book and I am a reenactor for ww1 and met Mr impey at bovington tank museum and instantly feel in love with the story. The fact that he has presented a truly civil monument in our modern world history between two waring sides and shown us that no matter what the quarrels or situations we may be in Christmas time is a time were opposites become equals enemies become friends and join each other on this truly glorious night. If you haven't bought a copy you'd be mad not to for this Christmas
Fabulous book - beautifully illustrated and written.
Amazing book with beautiful illustrations by an amazing man - definitely wins my vote!
When I sang Silent Night at Midnight Mass last year I thought of this book and a tingle went up my spine. It captures perfectly (prose and illustrations) everything that was so poignant and moving about that night, 100 years ago, when friendship and peace displaced conflict. Beautifully crafted for children, this book is a lasting tribute to those who gave so much for us.
A really beautifully illustrated book, telling a valuable story which helps engage young readers with the difficult concepts of WW1.
Great book for a wide age range.
beautiful book well written, enjoyed and understood by all the children i have bought it for
Beautifully illustrated and written.
My 5 year old loves this book and so do I, very well written and beautiful illustrations.
Wonderfully educational book for children & adults alike! The beautiful illustrations make this book an absolute must have.
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