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Here be Dragons
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Here be Dragons

By Sarah Mussi
ISBN 978-1-910240-34-2
Autumn 2015


Ellie Morgan wants a boy who’s all hers. A remote farmhouse on Mount Snowdon is hardly the ideal setting for meeting any one. But when a boy lures her up to the Devil's Bridge, Ellie realises the place she knows so well still has its secrets ...

Author's Biography

Sarah Mussi is an award-winning author of YA fiction. Her novel, The Door of No Return, won the Glen Dimplex Children’s Book Award and was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award. Her thriller Seige was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal (2014) and won the BBUKYA award for contemporary fiction.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

Highly recommended!
Fast-paced and dramatic!
Sarah's books are always a superb read, exiting and thoughtful and special. This lives up to the best! Great story and characters.
Sarah Mussi is a wonderful writer and this book is a joy.
Very original. Exciting, tense story, weaving myths into its narrative.
Because there are dragons and Sarah's books always have me on the edge of my seat
A must-read teen adventure/romance that skilfully mixes legend with modern life.
Captivating story, easy read, love it!
another great read from an amazingly talented writer. 5 stars *****
My fave of all Sarah Mussi's books. A wonderful love story, full of delicious myths.
Stunning cover, synopsis really drew me in. Great stuff
This is a great story - I cant wait for the next one!
I always enjoying reading books by Sarah Mussi. She never disappoints and she just seems to get better and better.
Sarah's stories have held me captivated for years and I can happily say that with this book, she's done it again!
Another great book from Sarah Mussi.
This is an amazing lovely read.
It's a great book and just the kind of book I love to read. Plus I love mountains and Snowdonia is special!!!!!
I HEART dragons!
It gets my vote, favourite character, the mad granny!
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