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Xalien the Purple Alien
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Xalien the Purple Alien

By Michelle Path
ISBN 978-1-909902-50-3
Autumn 2015


Xalien, a small purple alien, crashes to earth and finds herself befriended by three children. Whilst on Earth, Xalien learns all about this new planet and all the strange habits of its beings; resulting in unusual and humorous situations.

Author's Biography

Michelle Path is an Australian children’s book writer. She grew up with a love of reading and an appreciation of books from a young age. A lot of inspiration for her stories comes from things she is interested in or inspired by, especially a love of nature and animals.


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

This is a wonderful book!
Great story for kids
A lovely children's story with great illustrations
Has some good morals.
I had the pleasure of illustrating this book and it really is delightful, very popular and always gets a giggle from young children whilst teaching important lessons about intergration and diversity.
Great story with good lesson
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