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Ice in the Jungle
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Ice in the Jungle

By Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar
ISBN 9781846437304
Autumn 2015


When Ice’s mother tells her that they’re going to move to an exciting new place, Ice isn’t so sure. She likes her home and her friends. The journey takes forever, and their new home is very strange. Everything is different – will anything happen to help Ice feel more at home?

Author's Biography

Ariane has been a storyteller all her life, and her teddy bear and little brother were her first captive audience! She loves to travel and her latest journey took her to Anglia Ruskin University, where she completed her MA in Children’s Book Illustration.


“Hofmann-Maniyar, in her picture-book debut, explores a difficult transition that many children face, using a metaphor that rings true.” Source: KIRKUS 

“As a teacher, I see this as a useful tool that can be utilised in the classroom in order to help students empathise with children who have English as an additional language (EAL).” Source: Magpie That

Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Regardless of age, this book has brought much joy to our pet therapy program! The bright, clear and colorful colors bring a certain warmth and vibrancy most illustrated books lack. During our pet therapy sessions, we have seen time and time again that the story line generates conversations and excitement with our patients. If you're looking for a high quality, charming story-line with a feel good ending this will surpass your expectations!
i just love the artwork of the children book! it has an interesting story too
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