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The Cypriot
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The Cypriot

By Andreas Koumi
ISBN 978-1-903660-04-1
Category Romance
September 2009


The Cypriot is a powerful story of love across a divide of religion and identity, of passionate loyalties and heartrending choices. Set in 1950s Cyprus and 1970s London, it is a gripping story of a community torn apart by outside forces, but also a life-affirming tale of love and a family’s need to survive.

Author's Biography

Born in London to Cypriot parents, Andreas Koumi has been a journalist for the UK Cypriot press and an advertising copywriter.   Koumi now runs an award-winning youth charity and has made many appearances on TV and radio. Radio 4 has commissioned an adaptation of one of his plays as a pilot sitcom.


“A cracking holiday read…amazing imagery…very real”, Adrian Allen, LBC

“a skillful and colourful writer”, Eleni Antoniou, Cyprus Mail

“simple and evocative”, Evros Stylianou, Cyprus Weekly

Price £7.99 Paperback

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