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The Bucket
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The Bucket

By D.J. Cattrell
ISBN 9781784650209
Autumn 2015


As Rachel’s tenth birthday approaches, her world begins to change. A mysterious silent boy with amazingly blue eyes and parents Rachel never sees move in next door. Their house develops a green glow and has strange noises coming from it. That is when things started getting really odd.

Author's Biography

Cattrell has written plays in various genres as well as articles on the world of biodiesel and the relevance of Shakespeare within modern day management and business. 

He now devotes his time to children’s writing, running a small business, looking after his ageing horse, deaf cat, wife and two children.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

Wonderful - such imagination and my 12 year old son was hooked!
Brilliant children's story
Reading the book with my son. Brilliant book, would highly recommend
Brilliant, magical book
Excellent read
fantastic my daughter and I have both read this well done
An amazing adventure.
I absolutely love this book it makes me feel amazing inside I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure!
My daughter loved this book.
Kept me reading to the end-pacy and funny.
My daughter loved this so much she nagged me into reading it too, and I agree with her. A super book for children around 10 to 12 years old.
Excellent book for children
Excellent read, good ideas, and my daughter enjoys it very much!
Captivating and enchanting, wish I had children, I know they would love it as much as me and I am an adult. Well done DJ.
Excellent reading for both young and old! So deserves to be the winner.
Any child would love to read this book
Excellent children's book.
Excellent and different book for children
Lovely book !
My 12 year old daughter loved this book, so did her friend!
Brilliant, can't wait for the next one.
fantastic story I couldn't put it down and I'm in my seventies. What a wonderful imagination D J Cattrell has. he deserves to win !!!!
A very good book. Would recommend it.
My 10-year-old kid absolutely loved it.
Nice story
Good story for the age group kept my grand daughter enthralled.
Great work, congrats this is a great book
My niece's loved this book, they blame " Kobalos" when they are naughty !! Playing " it " and " jump " pretending they are " Jasban's". Reading to them became a pleasure instead of a chore !!!!
Absolute a pleasure to read
Beautiful book with a great and intriguing story line, as a follower of fantasy fiction for a number of years at all levels I found this to be an enjoyable read. The artwork is lovely and adds wonderful visuals for those of a younger disposition.
Brilliant work on being nominated!
I have read this book. Could not put it down. Love the electric Daisy's
Realy awesome! Good rolemodel! I rekomend it to people, who like fantasy good rolemodels and excitement! Just awesome! 😆
Lovely book, well done.
Great read, full of fun, amusing and plenty of adventure!
Great story, hope you win xx
Especially love this book as there are hidden morals within helping children understand the world of growing up. It's captivating & feeds the imagination as well as being a thoroughly good read for both children & adults.
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